We, at Atlantic Imbizo, believe that economic growth and the well-being of society are inextricably tied to the health of our environment. Accordingly, we embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship and are committed to integrating leading environmental principles into our core business strategy.

Through collaboration with our suppliers and business partners, we actively work to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and to continually improve and innovate on practices aimed at:

  • conserving our natural resources
  • minimizing our waste and pollution
  • enhancing indoor environmental quality
  • establishing and reporting on our key environmental performance
  • raising environmental awareness among our associates, guests and community

  • Atlantic Imbizo acknowledges that we, like the community we serve, are only in the early stages of developing and implementing the many changes that will be necessary to achieve these vital goals. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that our efforts to support a healthy environment serve the interests of both our current and our future generations and constitute the foundation for enduring success.

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